Polyurea membranes

Polyurea membranes provide a fast curing, exceptionally flexible and versatile waterproofing solution. SMS can provide polyurea systems for inverted and warm roofs, podium decks and below ground structures. They can be used on various substrates, included concrete, timber, metal, block work and insulation (warm roof). The fast curing times provide ease in programming large projects and are flexible enough to overcome most tricky details.

Our Polyurea Membranes Partnership Suppliers Include


Major projects which we have installed polyurea systems include

MMA and Cold applied systems

SMS have been working with MMA technologies for 20 years. And have long relationships with all suppliers in the field. MMA membranes offer a cost effective, efficient waterproofing solution for all size of projects with Concrete or metal structures. MMA suppliers offer hand applied alternatives to fit all sizes of project.

Our Cold applied membrane partnership suppliers include


Major projects which we have installed Cold applied systems include

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