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Mechanical Joints

The need for effective high movement range joints has
become more necessary over the years, as well as
the need for them to be waterproof.

SMS have developed a hybrid system that can be
incorporated into all of their selected mechanical
joints that will give a guaranteed watertight

These systems have been successfully installed into
major projects all over the country such as:

- Westfield’s:- White City Project
- Wembley Stadium
- Carparks
- Bridge Decks
- Tunnels
- Heathrow

Car Park Mechanical Joints

SMS has embraced the 
Green & Blue Roofing 
market place...... 
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Major projects
that have
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SMS have worked
with numerous major
house builders
on residential
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What We Do
Please take a good look around our site to learn more about SMS.

Structural Membranes Specialists Ltd is a specialist services company operating within the construction industry, servicing the waterproofing, flat roofing, refurbishment, housing, bridge deck and tunnelling market sectors.

SMS in conjunction with a major international manufacturer have developed a shot-crete replacement system for below ground structures.

SMS are approved/licensed by the major manufacturers and suppliers in the industry.

-Sika Ltd
-BASF Construction Chemicals Ltd
-Dow Chemical Ltd
-GCP Applied Technologies PLC
-Ravago Ltd

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